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Hello fellow beauty lovers and welcome to IntegriBeauty! My name is Lauren and I look forward to growing this website which will be educational and fun, both for myself and readers!

A little about me personally–I am a wife and dog mom. My husband, Ryan, and I have two dogs named Zooey and Georgie. They are both spoiled rotten, as they should be! I live in Indiana and graduated from Ball State University. My hobbies include reading, watching movies, trying new recipes, and traveling.

IntegriBeauty’s Story

Until a few short years ago, I was a very low-maintenance type of gal and couldn’t have cared less about skincare or makeup. I regret that I did not take very good care of my skin in my younger years and even went to bed without washing my face many nights. My makeup collection was about as minimal as it gets, consisting of one foundation, mascara, and some old eyeshadow that I never cared to apply.

One day, I decided that I needed to replace my foundation and instead of going to the health and beauty section of my local grocery store like I normally would, I went to Ulta for the first time. I had never seen anything quite like Ulta and my eyes were opened to many new brands and products I’d never heard of. I didn’t find the exact product that I was looking for that day, but it didn’t matter. I went home and fell down the “rabbit hole” of beauty tutorials on YouTube. I still follow many beauty creators on YouTube today and I am so grateful for the part they have played in teaching me the “whats,” “whys,” and hows” of skincare and makeup.

There are many reasons that I am now passionate about skincare and makeup. I find the process of applying my skincare each morning and night to be very relaxing. It also gives us the ability to address many skin concerns. In my case, I look for products that will keep my skin moisturized, reduce redness and discoloration, and minimize the look of my pores and fine lines. Makeup, on the other hand, provides an opportunity for creativity and self-expression. More importantly though, makeup can make many people feel more confident in their daily lives.

After about a year of learning about and collecting beauty products, I came across an article about animal testing in the cosmetic industry. As an animal lover, I was horrified by what I read. From that day forward, I vowed to only purchase products from cruelty-free brands. I quickly learned that was not as simple as it sounded. I have done a lot of research on this matter and it is my goal to share my knowledge here on IntegriBeauty.

IntegriBeauty Content

My main goals in creating IntegriBeauty are to educate others about “going cruelty-free” and sharing product reviews for cruelty-free products.

All the best,


Founder of IntegriBeauty


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  1. Lauren, that was a Wonderful, Knowledgable read, Iā€™m So Proud of You. Looking forward to knowing more of what your finding and learning more about the industry from you, Again Very Very Proud Of You.
    Wishing You Much Success in your new venture.
    Janelle šŸ’“šŸ’“šŸ’“

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