Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint–Color Correcting + Skincare Formula

Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye TintA must-have makeup product for me is a peachy color corrector to camouflage under-eye darkness. Most people use concealer instead, but I have a terrible habit of forgetting to use it. I have the best luck applying a color corrector under my eyes before going in with foundation, and then I simply apply foundation all the way up under my eyes. Pixi by Petra Correction Concentrate was the only color corrector I liked for a long time. It’s still a product that I enjoy and recommend, but there’s a new one in my collection now and I’m very excited to share it with you! I’d like to introduce Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint. 

This is a fairly new product from Milani, and part of a collection. The Supercharged collection is designed to make tired-looking skin appear refreshed. I’ll touch on the other products in this collection later on. 

Please note that I purchased a shade that wasn’t meant for my fair skin tone because I didn’t think my shade would work as a color corrector. While this product is called a “brightening undereye tint,” I only use it as a color corrector. If that doesn’t bother you, keep reading for a full review of Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint!

Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint product claims directly from

Sleepless night? Look on the bright side! Supercharged Eye Brightener instantly color corrects and illuminates under eyes with color correcting pigments & micro-fine pearls. The lightly tinted hybrid 2-in-1 makeup + skincare formula brightens dark circles and hydrates with hyaluronic acid, plant-based collagen, niacinamide and caffeine. The nourishing, lightweight texture creates a smooth canvas for flawless concealer application. Available in three tinted shades.

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Other product details

  • Price: $8.99
  • Net weight: 0.51 oz. | 15 ml
  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified)
  • Vegan
  • 3 shade options
  • Special ingredients:
    • Glycerin is a natural moisturizer
    • Caffeine may have soothing and antioxidant properties; constricting effect may improve the look of redness; also has potential to be sensitizing
    • Sodium hyaluronate is the sodium form of hyaluronic acid; humectant
    • Niacinamide Improves appearance of enlarged pores, regulates oil secretion, evens out skin tone, and improves fine lines
    • 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid is a very stable form of vitamin C; antioxidant
    • Turmeric root extract is an anti-inflammatory that’s also a potent antioxidant and brightens skin
    • Collagen (plant-based) is a moisturizer and humectant
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Where to buy: 
    • ships internationally, but they currently don’t ship to Mexico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Iraq, or Turkey.
  • Overall rating: 9.0/10
      • Inclusivity: 9/10
      • Packaging/ease of application: 10/10
      • Pigmentation: 6/10
      • Team player: 10/10
      • Price: 10/10

Please note that I am not a makeup artist. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, as a regular person that loves makeup.


Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint comes in three shades. The Pixi color corrector that I previously mentioned only comes in two shades. I did a quick search to see how many shades are offered in several other brands’ under-eye color correctors, and it seems that 2-3 shades is the norm. 

I don’t think the limited shades are too surprising since not all makeup-wearers use color correctors and therefore color correctors might not be prioritized by the brands themselves. Ideally, there would be more shade options, but I think Milani did a pretty good job of choosing shades that will work for the majority of people:

  • Pink for fair to light skin tones
  • Peach for light to medium skin tones
  • Deep Peach for medium to deep skin tones

I have fair skin, but I ordered the Peach shade because I thought it would be more effective on my under-eyes as a color corrector. Since the circles under my eyes are bluish, I need a product with a touch of orange to provide effective color correction. I may be wrong, but it doesn’t appear that the Pink shade has enough orange in it to work for me. I do, however, think it would be a great brightener for fair skin!

Packaging/ease of application

Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint comes in a squeeze tube which I think works well for this type of product. Some color correctors come in jars or tubes with applicator wands and honestly all three are good options. Since this product’s formula is quite thin, I think it makes the most sense for it to be in a squeeze tube or a tube with an applicator wand. 

Milani advises to use fingers or a makeup brush to blend this product under the eyes. I agree because I think a sponge would absorb too much of the product and take away all the coverage. The instructions also specify that it can be used alone or with a concealer, and set with powder.

I started out using my fingers to apply Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint and that works well enough, but I’ve found that I definitely prefer to use a brush. I squeeze a little bit of product directly onto a brush (I’ve been using the Real Techniques 308 Medium Shadow Brush which can be purchased in the Enhanced Eye Set), tap it onto the darkest areas around my eyes, and quickly blend it out. 

I usually only use a very small amount in one thin layer. However, some days I need a little more help when my under-eyes are looking especially dark. On those days, I’ll go in with a little more product and blend it out in another thin layer. This method provides more color correction without looking cakey.

One reason this tint is so easy to use is that it’s so lightweight. It feels more like an eye cream than a makeup product. It blends seamlessly into the skin with very little effort! It also feels nice and hydrating on the skin which is an added bonus. 🙂


Most color correctors, like the one from Pixi, are quite thick and emollient which I think lends them to being more pigmented. Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint is a very different kind of color corrector. It’s more of a lightweight fluid that is not very pigmented once blended out on the skin. Milani does call it a “tint” and I think that’s accurate!

Those with very little under-eye darkness likely won’t have any issue with this product having low pigmentation. In fact, I’ve even heard of a lot of other reviewers enjoying this product worn alone on no-makeup days to cover that slight darkness. The lightweight texture and low pigmentation allow it to look quite natural on the skin (that is, if the shade closely matches your skin, which is not the case for me).

While I have some darkness under my eyes, I’m fortunate that it isn’t nearly as intense as what some people have. To show how this product looks in action under my eyes, I took this photo with it applied under only one eye. Hopefully you can see the difference, but the eye with the corrector applied definitely looks more even with much less of the bluish tinge visible.

People that have very dark under-eyes may be disappointed that this product can’t completely camouflage their darkness. However, If used with a high-coverage concealer, those dark circles would probably be sufficiently covered. 

I personally don’t mind the low pigmentation of Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint, but I think it’s definitely important to keep in mind when purchasing.

Team player

As I mentioned before, Milani states that the Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint can be worn alone or under concealer. It can also be worn under foundation without concealer. That’s the way I use it most often, since I so frequently forget to use concealer. I also don’t think I always need concealer so that’s fine!

I’d say Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint is a great “team player” because once it dries, it’s almost as if there’s no product there at all. From my experience so far, it doesn’t affect the performance of concealer or foundation in any way. Since it’s so lightweight, the amount of product settling into fine lines is minimal, and I think that’s important with this type of product. 

If you’re looking to keep things as light as possible under the eyes, but need more than just this corrector, I recommend using it with the e.l.f. Flawless Brightening Concealer. I don’t use it often, but this concealer is very brightening, lightweight, and easy to blend. Great duo!

There’s not really anything else to say here, except that this Milani corrector’s performance when worn under other products is exceptional!


Color correctors vary greatly in price from brand to brand, even when only considering affordable brands. I found some for only a few dollars, and others that are $15.00+. There are also many high-end color correctors that are $20.00+. Milani is pretty consistent with its affordable prices, and Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint is no exception. At $8.99, it falls right about in the middle of the drugstore price range for this type of product.

This corrector contains half an ounce of product, which doesn’t sound like very much, but it’s important to remember that this product is meant to be used sparingly. It will last a long time! In addition to the comparatively affordable price tag and generous amount of product, I think the added skincare ingredients make this corrector an excellent value. 

Other products in the Milani Supercharged collection

Is the rest of your face looking a little tired, too? Then you might be interested in some of the other products in the Milani Supercharged collection as well. This collection consists of six products (including the Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint):

I watched a couple of review videos on Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint before ordering it, but I was really not sure if I’d like it or not. That was largely because I knew it would be very different from my Pixi color corrector that I relied on for such a long time. I’m happy to report that I do enjoy this product very much, and I’m even tempted now to buy the Pink shade! It might work well for me mixed with the Peach shade, or possibly even over foundation like a brightening concealer.

What about the product claims? Milani claims that this brightening undereye tint will instantly correct and illuminate under the eyes with correcting pigments and micro-fine pearls. It does provide a light correcting tint and while it’s subtle, I do notice a bit of a sheen. They emphasize that the formula is makeup and skincare combined to brighten and hydrate. If you select the shade suggested for your skin tone, I definitely think this product is brightening, and there are at least a few ingredients that help with hydration. Lastly, Milani notes the lightweight texture and states that it creates a smooth canvas for concealer. I absolutely agree with the claim about the lightweight texture, but it doesn’t actually smooth the skin.

Like a lot of makeup products, I think this one comes down to personal preference. If you feel you need a highly pigmented color corrector, this one may not be for you. If you’re looking for one that’s more lightweight and don’t mind that this one isn’t highly pigmented, you’d probably really like it! 

Do you enjoy using color correctors, either alone or under other products? If so, do you think you’ll give this one from Milani a try? Please let me know in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint–Color Correcting + Skincare Formula

  1. I just bought this at Ulta! I don’t have dark circles, but I was hoping for a brightening effect. I bought the Peach and I have a medium skin tone. I can’t say that I noticed a lot of difference, but I need to use it a few more times to see just what it does. I will say that it’s light in texture and didn’t settle into the lines under my eyes. So far, so good! Thanks for your comprehensive review, Lauren.

    • Hi Nancy! What a funny coincidence that you picked up this product right around the time I reviewed it! The Peach shade should look perfect on your medium skin tone. This is definitely a subtle product. You could try adding another light layer to see if that provides more of the brightening effect you’re going for. That’s the great thing about this light formula, you don’t have to worry about it looking cakey if you need to add a bit extra! I hope you come to really enjoy this product the more you use it. 🙂


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