Róen Beauty 11:11 Eyeshadow Palette–Unique Foolproof Shades Formulated with Clean Ingredients

I very much enjoy applying eyeshadow and using a variety of eyeshadow brushes, but that wasn’t always the case. When I first became interested in makeup, I was intimidated by eyeshadow. I didn’t know which colors went where, what types of brushes I should use, etc. There’s a lot to learn. It’s also time consuming to do an eye look that involves several different shades.

Róen Beauty 11:11If you are intimidated by eyeshadow, don’t want to buy many eye brushes, don’t have time to do complicated eye looks, simply enjoy a good eyeshadow palette, or any combination of those things, I’ve got a very interesting palette that you may find tempting! The Róen Beauty 11:11 Eyeshadow Palette is the most unique eyeshadow palette I’ve ever owned. It’s also the first clean beauty eyeshadow palette I ever purchased. The eyeshadows in this palette are difficult to describe, as they are not powder or cream eyeshadows (though they’re closer to a cream formula); Róen refers to them as “lid illumes.” Three of the four shades are shimmers and the fourth is a beautiful glitter topper.

I bought this Róen palette as a birthday gift for myself earlier this year. At the time, I didn’t have time for eyeshadow very often and I missed it. The 11:11 palette appealed to me because it is designed for all shades to be easily and quickly applied with fingers and I thought it might be a good option for me to work eyeshadow back into my quick morning makeup routine. It did not disappoint!

Róen Beauty just launched in 2019, so many of you may not be familiar with this company. I only heard about the brand last spring from one of my favorite YouTubers. Róen is a clean beauty brand that creates innovative high-performance luxury products. Róen strives to make beautiful glamorous products without compromising on clean ingredients and ethical practices.

Product details directly from RoenBeauty.com

This MAGICAL Palette was tested by artists and real-women combined. The consensus is that it’s easy to use and fool-proof, even for those that have the fear of eye shadow. No shades in the 11:11 Palette will go unused; they are the staple colors you will actually use and love. Methodically designed, they mix well with each other or stand out alone.

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Other product details

  • Price: $42.00
  • Net weight: 0.16 oz.
  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Outer packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Four shades (Róen doesn’t provide shade descriptions, so I will describe them in my own words, starting with the top left shade):
    • Situation: Champagne glitter topper
    • Hashtag: Taupe shimmer
    • Ciao!: Rosy shimmer
    • Rosie: Light orange shimmer
  • Where to buy: RoenBeauty.com or Amazon.com 
    • RoenBeauty.com ships within the USA and internationally to the following countries: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, and Finland
    • Amazon ships internationally to over 100 countries, but not all items will ship to every country. Update your default shipping address to see items that will ship to your location.
  • Overall rating: 8.4/10
    • Inclusivity: 10/10
    • Texture: 8/10
    • Pigmentation: 10/10
    • Staying power: 7/10
    • Price: 7/10

Please note that I am not a makeup artist. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, as a regular person that loves makeup.


The shades in this palette are perfect for everyday wear, but far from boring since they add sparkle to any eye look. They are neutrals that would be approachable to almost anyone. They’re also quite versatile to fit individual preferences and skin tones. For example, you can go in with a very light layer for a light wash of color, or build it up for a more saturated glamorous look.

Róen recommends using a brush to apply a diffused wash of color, or using a fingertip for more pigmentation. I’ve tried applying these eyeshadows with a brush before and it didn’t work for me at all. I think a fingertip will work better for this product every time. You can still get that light wash of color if that’s what you prefer. The color can be blended out easily and won’t look overly pigmented unless you add more product.

I built up the color in the eye swatches below to show that the colors translate quite well from the pan to the eyes.


These eyeshadows have the most unique texture I’ve ever experienced, so I think it’s appropriate that Róen gave them a special name, “lid illumes.” I’ve never used another product that compares to these, but the closest thing would probably be the Colourpop super shock eyeshadows which are a creamy texture that applies best with a fingertip. These “lid illumes” are more firm than those are, however.

There are two textures in this palette. Hashtag, Ciao!, and Rosie are firm but smooth, and respond well to the heat from fingertips, becoming more creamy. That’s another reason I prefer to apply these with fingertips. Situation is different from the other three shades. It is flaky with chunks of glitter and not nearly as easy to work with as the others. Fortunately, Situation is more of a topper and it works just fine for that purpose.

One big plus with this formula is that there is little to no fallout! I don’t think I have ever experienced fallout from Hashtag, Ciao!, or Rosie. Fallout can be a problem with Situation, especially if you’re trying to pick up enough to use it as the only eyeshadow, like I did in the top right in the graphic above. I don’t normally experience fallout when I carefully apply Situation as a topper, and that is usually the way I use it.


None of the shades in this palette are ultra-pigmented. However, I think that’s a good thing since this palette is meant to give the user options to keep the eye look subtle or build it up to be more colorful. I am very happy with the pigmentation of these shades. Some liquid or cream eyeshadows that have shimmer come off as shimmer with no color, but these provide as little or as much color payoff as you want.

In these swatches, I did two swipes per shade.

Staying power

One drawback of many liquid and cream eyeshadows is that they crease. Unfortunately, Róen’s formula also creases. Eyeshadow primer is an absolute must with this palette if creasing bothers you. I find that eyeshadow primer delays and minimizes the creasing, but it does still happen for me most days. The good news is that if you experience creasing with these “lid illumes,” it’s easy to tap back over your eyelid and it blends back together again.

Other than creasing, the staying power of these eyeshadows is excellent. They never smudge or fade. In fact, I had a hard time removing the swatches I did for this post! At a certain point I called it “good enough” and left my arm looking a bit stained from the three pigmented shades. I’ve never noticed staining on my eyelids, but that’s probably because I use eyeshadow primer.


Róen Beauty 11:11 Eyeshadow Palette is a luxury product and it is certainly priced as such. It is $42.00 for four shades which means that each shade is a whopping $10.50! The pans are not very large either, so this price tag is quite high. It’s safe to say that this isn’t the best choice if you’re shopping on a budget. That being said, I recognize that luxury items come at a high price, and for good reason (in this case, anyway). Róen is doing a lot of things right as far as using clean ingredients, practicing high ethical standards, and using sustainable recyclable packaging. The product itself is very interesting and unique, and the palette design is sleek and beautiful. You can’t find anything like this from any other brand that I’m aware of. 

Other Róen palettes

If you’re interested in Róen’s formula, but you aren’t loving the shades in the 11:11 palette, there are a couple of other options that are the same size and price. The 75° Warm Eyeshadow Palette includes gold, warm taupe, dark brown, and terracotta. There is an option for those that prefer cool tones as well; the 52° Cool Eyeshadow Palette includes rose gold, purple, taupe/gray, and gunmetal. I don’t own either of those palettes, but they look beautiful!

I’m really glad I ordered the Róen Beauty 11:11 Eyeshadow Palette when I did, because I’ve very much enjoyed using it! I don’t use it nearly as often now that I have more time to do full eye looks using powder eyeshadow palettes, but I still use it from time to time and love the simple yet beautiful eye looks I create with it. It’s so easy to pull it out and use one or two shades to look a little more “put together.”

While this palette is quite pricey, I think it’s a good product to consider for anyone that loves eyeshadow but has a hard time finding time for it. These “lid illumes” can be applied in just a couple of minutes!

Have you ever tried Róen products? Their product selection is small, but I expect it will expand over time. I look forward to seeing what they release next!


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  1. I had not heard of this brand… The colors are pretty. Sometimes it is nice to indulge in a luxury brand that really calls your name!

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